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The Zagoroxoria are residential entities which consist a full community with cultural distinctiveness, attachments and communication codes which were forged over the centuries and created their own unique civilization. Famous for their history and tradition, the graphical color, the natural beauty and their traditional Architecture, with grand and elegant stonemade buildings, cobbly paths, stairs of stone, faucets, many bridges, watermills, churches and mainly monasterys which reveal the social and cultural history of the region. Elati, amphitheatrical build in a forested north area of the mount Mitsikeli, with view of the mountains and the forests of Timfi with excellent climate, is a close destination from the town of Ioannina but a central point for touring to the rest of Zagoroxoria as well. At Elati one may visit the church of Saint George, build in 1806, the stonemade faucets of the village, the stoned bridge at the "mill" and enjoy his coffee at the middlevillage, beneth the age-long platan, with view of Vikos's gorge. Futhermore, Elati is excellent for walks with destinations such us the church of Saint Triada or the church of Panagia which is located into the forest.

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