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At famous Zagoroxoria beyond natural beauty, you will also discover adventure. And of course not without a reason, since the magnificent landscape and the picturesque setting, will lead you to new challenges.

Alpine climbing - Trekking

Beautiful courses and unique experiences are offered at the mountains of Zagoroxoria with the climb of Gamila being the most popular. Each course offers gorgeous pictures and the opportunity to access points of rare beauty.

Mountain Bike

For bike friends, with no special experience needed, you can follow chosen cources and discover areas full of grass. The most beautiful rivers welcome and challenge you, combining adventure with physical drill. Biking through abrupt routes of varied difficulty and duration.


There are plenty locations at Zagoroxoria for the visitors who are interested in Kayak, canoe or rafting. Big rivers and routes of varied difficulty are waiting the fans of sport for strong emotions and adventure at Epirus land. You may try it by youself or we can suggest some professionals who are activated in the region.


At the Prefecture of Ioannina there are clubs regarding air sports and mainly parapente. If you visit us, you can choose one of the peaks at our many mountains to "take off" assuming you are experienced of the sport or follow the proffesionals for a flight over Central Zagori.